Radio Al-Salam was founded in 2015, following the occupation of Mosul and the Nineveh plain by Daesh, to give a voice to refugees and internally displaced people in northern Iraq.

Today, it broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via two FM antennas, a website and a smartphone application. Its programming in three languages ​​includes news and societal, humanitarian and cultural programs.

Today, Radio Al-Salam is accessible, via FM band, to a population pool of nearly five million people. It is the only independent radio station in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is a tool for understanding and dialogue between the different communities and religions coexisting in this fragile territory. Contrary to the communitarian logic of most local media, Radio Al-Salam, where journalists of different nationalities, languages, communities and religions coexist, is an instrument of dialogue and understanding, and therefore of acceptance, of the other .